Deep – Natural Sleep Aid Kids

Wild Herbary

Deep – Natural Sleep Aid Kids - 100ml

  • Promotes relaxation & a better night’s sleep
  • Relieves aches & growing pains
  • Infused with highly concentrated magnesium & pure essential oils
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Spray form for easy application

Best for: Any child having trouble with relaxation and sleep, as well as aches associated with growing pains.

What it is: A concentrated magnesium and essential oil natural sleep aid.

Why you'll love it: Mindfully created to promote a better night's sleep using pure essential oils and formulated with all-natural ingredients. This spray also boasts highly concentrated magnesium in spray form, where it's rapidly absorbed through the skin to soothe sore muscles and relax your child's body.


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  • BPA Free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Vegan



    Pure Water, Dead Sea magnesium oil ,Pure essential oils (Lavender, Rose absolute, Chamomile, Frankincense), Jojoba oil, Plant-based decyl glucoside, Pharmaceutical grade palm free vegetable glycerine

Deep – Natural Sleep Aid Kids

Deep – Natural Sleep Aid Kids

Deep – Natural Sleep Aid Kids
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