Ruby Red Tinted Balm

Fat and the Moon

Ruby Red Tinted Balm - 15g

  • Ruby Red Balm
  • Clove + Sweet Orange Oils
  • Naturally Source Organic Ingredients
  • Long Wearing
  • Toxin Free

Fat and the Moon's Ruby Red Tinted Balm is a shade of ruby red, that slightly hints to deep orange. To match its deep ruby vibe, a hint of clove and sweet orange essential oils are blended in, adding just the right touch.

100% naturally sourced, this tinted balm is completely toxin free, created with only healing and nourishing ingredients. The organic earth based ingredients are combined with beeswax and organic oils to create a rich vibrant colour with long wearing results.



  • Cruelty Free
  • Palm Oil Free


Alkanet*, Beet*, Turmeric*, Infused sunflower oil*, Beeswax, Essential oils of clove*, Sweet orange*. * organic

Ruby Red Tinted Balm

Ruby Red Tinted Balm

Ruby Red Tinted Balm
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