Natural Teeth Whitener


Natural Teeth Whitener


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  • Whitens Teeth
  • Non Abrasive
  • Detoxifies the Mouth
  • Suitable for Sensitive Gums
  • Natural + Organic Ingredients
  • Daily Use

The creators of Warpaint designed their unique Charcoal Teeth Whitener formula is based on native recipes and techniques for oral care used by indigenous cultures. Their Australian made blend is crafted using only ingredients found in nature. Warpaint is highly effective in removing discolouration from teeth as well as reducing plaque and tartar buildup. 

Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal, super fine and non abrasive absorbs and removes debris from the surface of the tooth without causing any damage to the enamel, leaving teeth whiter and brighter. Australian edible calcium clay remineralises and strengthens teeth. Rich in vital minerals that are very beneficial for our teeth and gums including calcium and potassium. Bentonite Clay is a very mild abrasive that gently scrubs and beautifully polishes the teeth.

Organic sweet orange peel helps to remove stains and strengthen sensitive teeth. Organic lemon myrtle found on rainforest trees indigenous to Queensland contains powerful microbial and anti-fungal agents that soothe and relax sensitive gums. Finally Organic Peppermint reduces infections and inflammation, as well as leaving the breath minty fresh. 

To create a toothpaste, simply combine with a small about of Organic Coconut Oil. Suitable for everyday use for adults and children. 


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  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan


  1. Best used over sink or in the shower.
  2. Dip wet toothbrush into pot.
  3. Brush gently for 2 minutes (keeping mouth closed).
  4. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Use daily.


Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal; Calcium Clay; Organic Sweet Orange Peel; Organic Peppermint; Organic Lemon Myrtle.

Natural Teeth Whitener

Natural Teeth Whitener

Natural Teeth Whitener
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