Lily Lolo Natural Lip Gloss

Reviewed by
Carly Saillard
Member of The Guild

I’m fussy with lip gloss. Ridiculously fussy. Too sticky? It’s a fail. Too greasy? Fail.* Doesn’t last long enough? Away with you. Too sparkly or shiny? Forget you, pal. To me, it comes down to wearability. I want something that’s easy to apply, looks good, lasts longer than five minutes, and won’t dry my lips out. Is that so much to ask?

Not from Lily Lolo’s Natural Lip Gloss range, as it turns out.

Lily Lolo’s Natural Lip Gloss ticks all my boxes. I purchased High Flyer, which has burnt orange/terracotta tones to suit my coppery-red hair and what my mum kindly calls pale skin. Coming with an applicator wand (so no sticky fingers or trying to smoothly apply from a tube), I’ve found over the past couple of weeks that even without a mirror, I can apply a new layer without drifting into ‘clown makeup applied by a child’ territory.  

It’s made with Vitamin E and organic jojoba, so rather than sitting on my lips like an oil slick, the gloss feels silky smooth. In fact, one of the things I like best about Lily Lolo Natural Lip Gloss is that it doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients. You might think that your lip gloss or lipstick comes off onto your drinks, straws, or napkins, but in fact we tend to eat most of what we apply to our lips. So it’s important to me that I feel comfortable with how my gloss is made (Lily Lolo is certified cruelty free) and what it’s made with.

As a habitual lip-biter, it’s no wonder I have a tendency to need to reapply more than a few times each day. What I’ve noticed, though, is when I’m not in a lip-chewing mood, my High Flyer Lip Gloss has excellent staying power. The colour settles well and rather than drying my lips out, it feels nourishing, so I haven’t found it settling into cracks or drying into flakes. Best of all, it sits perfectly between extra glossy and matte. It’s slick enough to offer shine without making me feel like a Bratz doll, and just matte enough that it feels elegant and natural without becoming thick or heavy.

Not only has High Flyer become part of my daily routine, I’m expanding my collection to include other colours like Damson Dusk (so dramatic!). If, like me, you want a moisturising, smooth lip gloss option that’s lighter in feel than a lipstick, Lily Lolo’s Natural Lip Gloss is a must-buy for your collection.

* My friend Madi read this and asked, ‘Aren’t sticky and greasy the same thing?’ and I responded a little too loudly with ‘OH MY GOD, MADI, NO.’ And that’s how I know I’m extra-fussy about my lip gloss.