How to create a vegan smokey eye makeup look

Smokey eye makeup is a classic look that has endured throughout many fashion trends and been a party go-to to match any outfit. Originally created by Linda Cantello while working with Tom Ford during his time with Gucci in the 1990s, it is a chic look that alludes to a classic Hollywood era while still giving a subtle hint of ’90s British punk rock.

Follow our smokey eye step-by-step guide, featuring our go-to eco-luxe vegan cosmetics to achieve this gorgeously glam look at home.


1. Prime the eye

Start by prepping your eyes with a BB cream or eye primer – our favourite is Lily Lolo’s Eye Primer. This natural and creamy primer has dual-purpose colours to help conceal and correct dark areas around the eyes while providing the perfect base to apply eyeshadow for longevity of colour.

2. Apply a base eye shadow colour

Now onto the main part of the show, the eyeshadow. For this look we are using Lily Lolo’s Pedal to the Metal Eye Palette. It contains 8 vegan-friendly and buildable metallic shades that are ideal for creating a smokey eye look.

Use the larger, rounded side of the eyeshadow applicator to apply a base colour across the entire eyelid, up to the eyebrow, blending it out with the brush tip or your finger – a matte & creamy nude base, or Lily Lolo’s Photo Finish shade, is perfect for this

3. Define your socket line

Next, use the slimmer applicator brush to apply a medium darker shade like Carbon, a matte dark grey, to the edge of your eye and along your socket line. This will add depth to the eye and will be the base for blending out and creating the shadows of this iconic look. Smudge this shade with the applicator to blur the edges and remove definition of the line.

4. Apply your darkest shades

Now apply the darkest shade, such as Black Zinc, an almost black matte, to the outer corners of the eye, blending it lightly under the corner of your waterline and in toward the centre of your eyelid. If you want to make this a metallic look you can use the tip of your finger and a colour like Silver Bullet, a shimmery bright silver, to lightly dust some shimmer over the now smudged out black.

5. Brighten up your smokey eye

Take a shimmery colour again and apply it with a fresh eyeshadow brush to the inner corners of the eye and blend towards the centre of the eyelid.

6. Frame your smokey eyes   

Finally, to complete the smokey eye, apply your favourite eyeliner, whether it’s a fierce liquid flick or a smudged coal pencil. Then add dimension and volume with a few layers of Eye of Horus’ Bio Mascara sweeping upwards for maximum eyelash lift.


1. Apply your face foundation

Once you’ve completed your eyes, dust off any eyeshadow fallout with a small fan brush then apply your chosen shade of foundation. Start by placing the main amount of foundation from the centre of your face (nose, cheeks and T-zone) then buff it out with a wide brush or beauty sponge out to the edges of your face.

*Pro tip* Don’t forget to dust lightly into the hairline and blend out below the chin and down the neck for a flawless application.

2. Highlight your cheeks

Apply a subtle rouge blush to the apple of your cheeks. If you’ve accidentally added too much colour, don’t fret, you can buff it out with the powder brush you used for your foundation to create perfectly flushed cheeks. Remember to keep this minimal – you don’t want to take away from your gorgeous eye makeup.


1. The subtle finish

If you prefer a more understated look, apply a clear gloss or tinted lip balm to create a subtle finish that will draw more attention to your eyes.

2. The dramatic finish

However, if you want to create a truly dramatic smokey eye makeup look, finish off with a gorgeous pop of colour like Eye of Horus’ Vixen Rouge Velvet Lips . The tear drop shape will allow a precise application for highly pigmented, classic red lips. Glide the lipstick across your lips, starting from the centre and blending outwards.


Secure all your hard work to ensure longevity and prevent creases and smudging with Lily Lolo’s Makeup Mist.

Now that you’ve completed your perfect vegan smokey eye, you can go out and dazzle the world.