7 Self-Care Rituals to Live Your Best Life

Treat yourself with kindness, be gentle with yourself. Take a moment or a day out of your life to practice self-care and to nourish your soul with these few rituals to enhance your wellbeing.


1. Nourish yourself

Take a moment to replenish and moisturise your face. Massage in our favourite Vanessa Megan White Tea Day Cream gently and enjoy this moment to appreciate every feature, every line, every perfection and the luscious feeling of your moisturiser.


2. Be transported on an adventure by your senses

Light a fragrant Petiole Candle by SOH Melbourne and close your eyes. Let your mind wander to a field of flowers on a warm afternoon, or to a calm sea on a sunny day. Let the scent of the gardenia and white flowers whisk you away on a small vacation for your mind.


3. Speak to yourself with kindness

Taste the words before you speak them to yourself. Take care of your lips with Lily Lolo's naturally formulated Clear Gloss because your smile will always brighten the world around you.


4. Be gentle with your body

Enjoy your body, do not be afraid of it or what others think of it. Draw yourself a warm bath, with a regenerative Magnesium Bath Salt soak from The Base Collective to sooth and be kind to your joints.


5. Quench your thirst

Relax your mind and improve your body’s overall health. Let the deliciously sweet scents of  Skin Juice's Juice Drops soak into your skin, hydrating it and massaging it in to reduce stress levels.


6. Have a good hair day

Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off. Go natural for the day, give your hair a much-needed break and treat it to some love with the nourishing ingredients Original Mineral's Frizzy Logic Shine Serum.


7. Warm your heart

Breathe in the subtle scents of Salus's Organic Lavender & Jasmine Heat Pillow and deliver a spa inspired experience, warming yourself and caring for your overall being. Relax, unwind, and enjoy.